Aqua BodyShape


Aqua BodyShape
device for exercising, strengthening muscles and improving body efficiency.

The first device on the market to strengthen most muscle groups. Allows you to train your back, arms, buttocks, legs and stomach. The basis of the exercise is the movement known from rowing simulation devices. The main factor affecting the quality of training is the weight of the user himself, which increases resistance during movement. This eliminated the presence of a flywheel or resistance adjustment.
BodyShape is a universal device for improving general condition, reducing body fat and improving body efficiency.


Back muscle strengthening and overall condition.


Exercises in water have a much lower risk of injury than stationary ones.


Enhance not only the blood circulation, but also the lymph flow.


BodyShape allows you to train muscles of: back, stomach, arms, legs and buttocks.

Why Choose Us

Our products are made with highest quality stainless steel. All products have additional anti-rust layer.

CE Certyficates

AquaFitnessbike equipment complies with the European standard on general safety of products 2001/95 CE-EN 957-1.


Our products have from 1 year to 5 years (depends on line) warranty for all metal elements. 6 month for usable parts.

Details are the difference between good and great.

profiled pedal

Profiled pedals

Profiled pedals for generating water resistance.

Regulation knob

Regulation knob

Made from high quality materials for easier regulations.



Profiled modern saddle for bigger comfort.

Moving wheel

Moving wheels

High quality non-scratch rubber wheel.

We supply home and commercial users

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