Aqua Fitness

In simple terms, Aqua Fitness is exercise during which we can use bike or treadmill moved in the aquatic environment. Each device obtains all its advantages on the occasion of leaving many disadvantages of land exercise.
Water can increase the resistance during exercise, and thus the intensity of the whole exercise. Thanks to the buoyancy of water, partially submerged body is lighter, thus reducing the burden on joints and spine.

Aqua Fitness has no age limits. Both people with osteoporosis or overweight can safely exercise on bikes and treadmills for water.
Exercises allow you to not only improve overall body strength and power but also improve blood circulation, reduce the risk of heart attack and improve the quality of sleep.

Aqua Fitness is also recommended for pregnant women. Reduction of muscle tone can reduce back pain and neck. Water exercises help to improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus, increase lung capacity and improve overall well-being and mood. The specificity of the environment allows to eliminate the risk of falling and injury while exercising.

Aqua Fitness


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